I am so grateful to all of my students that have dedicated themselves to learning the French learning and using it to enrich their lives!

“Mademoiselle Milder, taught me French, I can actually speak the language. I improved my grades in two weeks. Merci Marianne.” – Lauren

“My entire family learned French with Marianne. We moved to Switzerland, French speaking part, Geneva. Merci beaucoup!” – Heidi

“I started learning French when I was ten years old with Mademoiselle Milder, I was able to move to French III in high school, I skip French I and II.  Merci!” – Luke

“I am a young actress, I had to take French I on line, with Marianne. We used Apex I, it was easy and fun. I remained on line and still learning with this wonderful teacher.” – J’aime parler Francais!

“I am a well know male actor, I had to learn many lines in French for an upcoming movie. Working with Marianne was a delight! Merci!” – Doug

“I hated my French class and my teacher, but my mom signed me up and I met Mademoiselle Milder. I would move to France right now if I could. My grade improved, the way Miss Milder explained the grammar is much more easy to understand and I love learning with her. Merci beaucoup!” – Pattie

“I was introduce to French at the age of 8, in a enrichment group at school directed by Mademoiselle Milder. We sang French songs, we played many card games to learn French. I am now taking French in High School. Merci!” – Brandon

“I am in private school and I am taking French II, my current teacher is not French which made it difficult to have the proper accent. My mom found Mademoiselle Marianne, I am now fluent in french with the right accent. Merci Beaucoup!” – Tina

“I was in a private school and I was overwhelm with the homework load in French, my dad found Mademoiselle Milder, I am so grateful for her help. Merci beaucoup!” – Darrell

“I was in High School, French I, my teacher was horrible. She was not French and I wasn’t learning anything. My mom was talking about my grades at the supermarket and Mademoiselle Milder overheard the conversation and gave her card to my mom. We decided to learn on line with Marianne. She guided us with an accredited program. My mom and I went to France, we were able to use our French skills. It was amazing! Merci Marianne.” – Roger

“My daughter is currently learning French on line due to Covid, it was a hard adjustment. Her regular teacher is not teaching on zoom, just posting homework. I found Marianne from a friend. Now my daughter can have a full conversation with her cousins in France. Merci!” – Gloria